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China in mid-August 2016 to launch a satellite with the help of which is planned to conduct the first experiment in the world to implement quantum teleportation over a distance of 1.2 thousand kilometers.

On it informs edition of South China Morning Post.

The launch will be carried out with the help of the carrier rocket Long March 2D from Jiuquan spaceport largest country located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. With the help of the satellite, scientists plan pprovesti number of quantum experiments.

One of the most ambitious among them is the experience in the implementation of quantum teleportation between ground and space at a distance of more than 1.2 thousand kilometers of stations in Delhi, Qinghai and in Lijiang (or Nanshan). to this end already are structured landline nearly a thousand kilometers long. In the first phase of experiments, scientists are going to check the reliability of cryptographic communication between Beijing and Vienna, in which the mediator will deliver near-Earth satellite. At the second stage the scientists via satellite will carry out the quantum teleportation of photons between stations in Delhi, Qinghai and in Lijiang (or Nanshan). The distance between these points exceeds 1.2 thousand kilometers.

The Chinese scientists plans include experiments on the transmission of signals between the Moon and Zemley.Prilozheniyami test technology is data protection and the interests of the military. Previously, China planned to launch a satellite in June 2016. Russia also expect the introduction of technology of quantum teleportation. The latter is a transfer of the quantum state of a particle at a distance. For this purpose, a pair of linked Diversity (entangled) particles according to quantum mechanics, even if you remove these particles from one another, they store information about the status of their partner.