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Ultra modern Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

The upcoming Samsung has already proved that it is worth waiting for the appearance, although the yield of new items will be held during the second quarter of 2017. Samsung is the manufacturer of luxury smartphones, and this time he picks Edge concept to the next level.

Mobile Congress in Barcelona will do without new products from Samsung and Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi said that will not take part in the annual Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​which will be held in February-March. This is the second largest producer of mobile technology, who said that the Congress will not be its new products - earlier refusal to present the new Samsung Galaxy S8 said the company.

Decentralized mobile internet - utopia or reality?

In recent years, the decentralized computer network technology evolved from ideas known in a small circle of developers and enthusiasts to their widespread use, the financial sector to the creation of corporations without people.

Review of Apple iPhone 3GS phone

We present you the review of iPhone 3GS - the successor to the previous model, developed by the American corporation Apple, iPhone 3G. Appearance smartphone special is no different and has the same recognizable corporate identity.


How to hack a Wi-Fi password in 6 minutes

How to hack a Wi-Fi password in 6 minutes - an interesting article about all the benefits of the World Wide Web and now just hard to imagine anyone who would not use the Internet.