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Ultra modern Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

The upcoming Samsung has already proved that it is worth waiting for the appearance, although the yield of new items will be held during the second quarter of 2017. Samsung is the manufacturer of luxury smartphones, and this time he picks Edge concept to the next level.

China in mid-August 2016 to launch a satellite with the help of which is planned to conduct the first experiment in the world to implement quantum teleportation over a distance of 1.2 thousand kilometers.

On it informs edition of South China Morning Post.

Konotori-6 will begin a systematic cleaning of debris on the space-Earth orbit from 800 to 1,400 kilometers.

Japanese unmanned truck Konotori-6 experiment began cleaning the debris in Earth orbit, writes portaltele.com.ua.


Imagine for a moment: in 2020, the era of new technologies, it's time aided in part carefree future, probably saturated with all sorts of unusual pieces of which are always talking science fiction dreamers.


In Britain, we figured out how to stop the deadly tsunami

British physicist Osama Qadri from Cardiff University has offered to stop the powerful tsunami waves using the "gravity of the sound waves." Their movement in the depths of the speed of sound and energy power capable of preventing the deadly tsunami.

The historic mission of Rosetta end collision with a comet

Rosetta mission, which in 2004 launched from Earth to study the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, will be terminated at the end of September this year. The probe will slowly approach the comet, making real-time high-resolution photographs and implementing new research.

Mobile Congress in Barcelona will do without new products from Samsung and Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi said that will not take part in the annual Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​which will be held in February-March. This is the second largest producer of mobile technology, who said that the Congress will not be its new products - earlier refusal to present the new Samsung Galaxy S8 said the company.

Decentralized mobile internet - utopia or reality?

In recent years, the decentralized computer network technology evolved from ideas known in a small circle of developers and enthusiasts to their widespread use, the financial sector to the creation of corporations without people.