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Scientists have learned how to identify talent for human eye color

American researchers from the University of Louisville reported that they were able to find a way of defining human talent for the color of his eyes.

Relevant studies were carried out on the eve of scientists. They studied the temperament of the people, their habits and character, and the relationship of these parameters with the color of their eyes. Science has long known that eye color is determined at the genetic level, but the researchers suggest that there may be the relationship between eye color and the character of its owner.

Such theories also have long existed, but they were neither proved nor disproved.


It turned out that indeed the color of eyes can tell a lot about a person, including his abilities, mental attitude, a tendency to certain actions.


Scientists have noted that most people have the creativity with cornflower-blue eyes, they attribute this to the influence of a particular gene that is responsible for the appearance of the eye color in humans. Behind them followed by the degree of originality owners blue eyes.


In general, people with lighter eye shades were more creative than the owners of dark eyes. Brown-eyed people often feel frustration from the inability to realization of the ambitious plans of their own. However, the scientific community questioned the results of the study, many scientists believe that it may not be sufficiently accurate results of the study, so do not believe them until they are carried out more extensive studies of this issue, which will be able to confirm or refute the theory of the existence of such a relationship.


Previously, it was shown that all people with blue eyes to each other's relatives.