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The woman is the main inspiration behind the men.

Without a woman a man would not earn as much, it does not need so many things as a woman. Men are more straightforward and simple in life. Together with a woman as a man becomes more active and faster than richer. Woman contributes to the success of the beloved.

Woman warmth, care and love fills the man of her energy, and man transforms this energy into the energy of prosperity, success and wealth. Therefore, they say that when a man is bad, disrespectful to his wife, prosperity and success go away from him.

Inspire a man should learn, but the most important inspiration - it is a natural, naturalness, ease, the game. Force can not be a cry of reproach and inspire. Team orders, and also will not work. But affection, love, respect for the man can really inspire so that then do not stop. So be careful with this unique women's art - inspiring!

Before you begin to inspire a man, it is worth thinking over the main question: "What do I want to inspire my husband?" It was inspiring. DO NOT alter. And inspire. After all, to inspire and to changes in behavior can be. Inspire to work. Inspire gifts and attention. Inspire to play with children and so on.

The first point in the art of inspiration - it is the intention.

1. INTENTION - or staging high, ambitious goals in your head. The image of the new life, which would you like to live with a man. The intent or purpose - is the task of women. For a man thing to do. But the height of the strips defines a woman.


There is a clarification:


A. Do not underestimate the bar men their limiting beliefs.

How do you decide that this city can not build a business? Who told you that your husband will not be able to buy baby food? More trust and transfer responsibility to the man.


B. Do not ask the impossible.

No need to immediately ask a man to earn instead of 20 000 million. But in your power to lay his head in his belief that he can now earn 40,000 rubles, and a year or two - of 100 000 rubles.


B. Believe that anything is possible.

The internal state is transmitted without words. If you believe in your man and what he is able to achieve a great deal, then so be it.


2. CHARGING - is the ability to charge a man for this purpose. Gradually, with love, faith and patience you will add up your conversations in one big goal. Try to tell their dreams and plans for the man gently, without pretensions and momentary requirements to fulfill. Men generally are afraid of orders, commands, and all sorts of plants for urgent change. They are afraid of change. Since starting to think that their own "I" is not safe. And they are lovers of freedom. Although, who does not love her.

You do not want to change anything in it, you are satisfied. But you want that you all spent the evening together on the playground, because it is very useful for the child and for your figure, but without it is very boring and unsafe. Therefore, the best strategy - a gradual, cautious and regularity.


3. Extends the area of ​​responsibility. Women by nature destined to BE, live, rejoice, love. Men - ACT, achieve, win. Therefore, your task - to talk more about the purpose, you can buy a magazine article on the subject and to continue to talk, but to act and challenge men to take all possible steps to achieve this goal.

It is therefore beg you, do not need to rush to borrow money or run book tour trip - it may well make a man. Just tell him about your desires, feelings and dreams in a soft voice and give him all the responsibility. Trust him, and he can handle it.


4. JOINT PURPOSE. The best goals to achieve - together. The more you do together to achieve the goal, the closer you get. It is better to fold and develop relationships in your family.

You do not have to drive her husband to the output at a playground. We can go together and have fun. You can sign up for dancing pairs, so you will correct and Health, will develop plastic, perfect figure, and even learn to feel each other better.


5. Thank you. Last but the most important point of inspiration for men - is gratitude. Men just need to know what you liked, what you are happy about it even a little, and the first in this year's corsage. If you learn to see the small, imperceptible to notice and be grateful for it, man would be nothing left, how to make you something else, just to return to these your admiring glances and words.