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Art is an integral part of every state, city and human.

The word "art" has many definitions, characteristics and features, but each person is his - his. In my opinion, art - it is a figurative representation of reality, whose main goal is the communion of man to the beautiful, sensual, exciting and beautiful, sometimes even to the inexplicable and contradictory.

I think that cinema, painting, architecture and other arts have to cause a variety of emotions, feelings and thoughts in the soul and mind of man. Undoubtedly, the same work of art can cause completely opposite feelings in the hearts of people.

    Art plays a huge role in our lives, as long as it makes us think about important issues and things happening around us, is concerned with the art of human consciousness and does not leave us indifferent.

I enjoy reading. Reading broadens my horizons, making me more erudite. Among the books I learn a lot of new and interesting things about the world, about life, about his values ​​and feelings. Classical literature builds character, instilling moral traits. Reading the classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Dostoevsky enrich my inner world, give an idea about the values ​​such as honor and dignity. As we learn from books about friendship, love, betrayal, hatred, sympathy, and other things. But I think you have to read not only the classic world literature, but also books by contemporary authors. Everything - the same in all the works of their feelings, concerns and values ​​adapted to modern society. From the books of our contemporaries, we can find a concrete solution to the problem in our society, in our age.

    If we talk about the sense of beauty and taste development, I like the art of photography. A photograph of the author expresses his inner world on the subjects of the world, in nature. In the works of the photographers we see their style, their taste, outlook on life, and thus can reconsider their values, and sometimes use them for the world of self-improvement. Very often I check the work of contemporary photographers, photographers, different styles, and I can say that each of them sees the world differently. Photo for them it is a way of expression. For me it means the same thing.

    Besides literature and photography, I am also interested in the cinema. Movies are like books. They perform the same function. For me, this movie is not just a way to have a good time, but also an occasion to reflect on the relevance of the issues raised in it.

    In conclusion, I want to say that art has a great influence on my life. Without art, my life would be boring, monotonous and meaningless. Art brings into my life the beautiful notes.