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Scientists have learned how to identify talent for human eye color

American researchers from the University of Louisville reported that they were able to find a way of defining human talent for the color of his eyes.

Relevant studies were carried out on the eve of scientists. They studied the temperament of the people, their habits and character, and the relationship of these parameters with the color of their eyes. Science has long known that eye color is determined at the genetic level, but the researchers suggest that there may be the relationship between eye color and the character of its owner.

The woman is the main inspiration behind the men.

Without a woman a man would not earn as much, it does not need so many things as a woman. Men are more straightforward and simple in life. Together with a woman as a man becomes more active and faster than richer. Woman contributes to the success of the beloved.

Art is an integral part of every state, city and human.

The word "art" has many definitions, characteristics and features, but each person is his - his. In my opinion, art - it is a figurative representation of reality, whose main goal is the communion of man to the beautiful, sensual, exciting and beautiful, sometimes even to the inexplicable and contradictory.

Today, the ideal of beauty and femininity for most men and many women are angels of Victoria's Secret and sisters Kardashian.


 These ladies just amaze us with its unique beauty but also relentless pursuit of success. It does not take willpower. And a variety of obstacles in life, they always accept with excitement. Meet the most successful women in the Russian show-business.




  From an ordinary woman in "model plus" - changes in fashion for female beauty

In recent years, the fashion world has become widely known term "model plus". It got its spread as a result of successive changes in standards of beauty in the world of high fashion. Requirements that apply to the parameters of the professional fashion-models have changed dramatically over the last 20 years

The truth about the modern world in graphics Steve Cutts

Illustrator Steve Cutts from London said that art - it's not just pretty pictures and express themselves, but also a catalyst for change. He was confident that the work should not be a chore, and consumerism and the race for wealth must cease to define our lives. Therefore Cutts creates cartoons that criticize modern life. "The madness of mankind - it is an endless inspiration vessel", - says the artist.

What inspires a woman?

 Any business, from everyday cooking dinner, ending with the creation of art requires inspiration. In men, the main source of inspiration most often is a woman. But women are not all so simple ...