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As the popularity of digital currency worldwide is growing, already more than a week in a row, Bitcoin sales beat all records.

At the moment, the cost of one Bitcoin was $ 1059.


 Due to the fact that it is - a new direction, the course will slowly but surely grow. By the end of the year the price will soar above $ 2000 if not there will be something out of the ordinary in this area, and this is unlikely.

Speculation about such a change of course are based on data from various sources, including an analysis of the company's head kriptorynka Civic.com Winnie Lingam (Vinny Lingham), as well as information online Danish investment bank «Saxo Bank (Saxo Bank)». Lingam suggests that the gold price will fall and at the end of this year will be less than $ 1000, which is likely to affect the value of Bitcoins, which in 2017 will reach $ 2000 - $ 3000. According to the "blatant forecast for 2017", released late last year, "Saxo Bank", the US President's profligacy Donald Trump could turn back the rising cost of Bitcoins to $ 2,000.

Once in January, the People's Bank of China conducted a site inspection of the three most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, the major trends identified in the market Bitcoin, a digital currency became outflow from China.

In the first days of January, after I began the outflow of capital due to the premature start of trading, leading the Bank of China has decided to intervene in the activities of such leading exchanges cryptocurrency in the country as - BTCC, OKCoin and Huobi, which controlled about 90% of all purchases, sales Bitcoin Worldwide.

According to data from the company Bitcoin Analytics Bitcoinity, because it changed the country's position, which the Chinese have occupied for the past 4 years. After the People's Bank of China, some discrepancies were found in the volumes sold cryptocurrency started and the revision of the exchange transactions, whereby the market situation has changed dramatically, the Chinese have surrendered their positions more than 20%.

At that time, as a result of the suspension of margin trading for introducing fees for transactions, which a long time ago no one had heard, increase the value of Bitcoins has fallen and the stock exchanges have stopped manipulation of the exchange rate Bitcoins.

Because of the introduction of commissions for conducting transactions in the amount of 0.2% of the transaction value in China reduced the number of transactions, but now the arena out new players, in countries where no commission is charged. Thus, increased activity in markets such as the cryptocurrency Poloniex and Japan's Bitflyer, was carried out more operations on the exchange BTC / USD and JPY / BTC, respectively.

Except for some minor and expected problems that may occur when the poles shift from East to West, cryptocurrency market could become more certain and predictable. This trend can be explained by the speed with which increases the value of Bitcoins, which seems quite logical. This - not the jump in prices at the beginning of January, when cranked questionable transactions.

In addition, along with several other factors, a new direction will enhance the credibility of the cryptocurrency market, especially due to the conduct of exchange operations with US dollars. The dollar - the world currency, which is associated with a large number of trade than those that were made in other currencies, such as the Chinese yuan.

One factor that the operations will be carried out in a pair of BTC / USD, is important because it will be involved more and more people, including those who may have doubts about the investment potential of leading Bitcoin iz-za China market cryptocurrency and related uncertainty - was it worth it buy Bitcoins if the whole ecosystem gradually strive for a balanced market, which will increasingly depend on the pair of BTC / USD.

This transition will be easier to calculate the exchange rate Bitcoins to those who did not follow the changes in RMB exchange.

Although there are other factors, due to which in 2017 the value of Bitcoins can be above the level of $ 2,000 investment fund new uses Bitcoins and economic problems in parts of Europe. How ironic to notice, other factors are complementary.

Some of these factors are the most important way can affect the process of strengthening the value of Bitcoins include empowering the use of digital currency to people who know nothing about information technology, as well as an increase in the popularity of Bitcoin in Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, and Iceland.

People become more aware of how the system works, so more and more people are brought himself Bitcoin wallets that are easy to use on any gadget. Now have access to the funds Bitcoin using debit cards that are linked to their purses and very easy to buy cryptocurrency using bank transfers.

Increase in the number of Bitcoin-ATM, since lately is talking about using Bitcoins for secure futures transactions, especially when you consider the nature of the transactions for the purchase of securities, which are increasingly promoting exchange investment fund.

In developing countries such as India and some African countries, where gradually begins to gain momentum the idea of ​​so-called "digital economy" or an economy based on non-cash transactions, more and more people recognize the use cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin.

If we consider all the changes over the past few years, it will become apparent that the trend towards empowerment of use and accessibility cryptocurrency only continue as Bitcoin officially recognized in countries such as China and Russia, where, according to a development, the government does not oppose the use of cryptocurrency and They want more control of operations.

It should also be noted that, despite the attraction to the use of dollars in transactions with Bitcoin, do not underestimate the role of China. Even with the change in the trend, it is necessary to pay tribute to China, where, during a meeting celebrating the god of wealth, the value of Bitcoin has exceeded the mark of $ 1 thousand. For the second time this year.

Although it is too early to talk about the value of Bitcoins greater stability during the transition to the BTC / USD pair, it would be possible to assume that, most likely, China is not so easy to surrender their positions and will fight for the preservation of market share, if not to gain more control over it. Free bitcoin