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As the popularity of digital currency worldwide is growing, already more than a week in a row, Bitcoin sales beat all records.

At the moment, the cost of one Bitcoin was $ 1059.


Just two years ago, the lion's share of the use of Bitcoin accounted for stock speculation, gambling and dubious anonymous purchase goods.

However, already in 2013, when, after the publication of the spring bladder Bitcoin appeared in major media, entrepreneurs have begun to realize the benefits cryptocurrency to traditional payment systems.

Dubai has always been famous as a state loyal to the innovative technologies. Actually, it is a real testing ground for all sorts of innovations. However, the government in this flagship of the Arab world, the strength of which lies in oil fields, well aware that the resource is the black gold, sooner or later will be exhausted. This can explain what happens to the investment of petrodollars in the modern technical and technological innovations, among them a special place takes Bitcoin. 

 The Supreme Council of Dubai recently reviewed Bitcoin from the point of view of compliance with local laws. One of the leaders of the regional media Trade Arabia, published an article about what the future of cryptocurrency policy will be different from the present. This issue was discussed during the forum held in the UAE on 20 November 2016.