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Over the past year, bitcoin casinos have accepted rates for almost 1.5 million BTs

 As the data of Bitcoin Strip's analytical resource show, over the past year the amount of bets made by players in bitcoin casinos has come close to the level of 1.5 million BTC.

Bitcoin Strip collects and analyzes data from most major crypto-currency casinos, processing them every 30. All rates in altcoyins are converted to the equivalent of bitcoin at a market price.


In total, for the period from March 24, 2016 to March 23, 2017, Bitcoin Strip casinos in the field of observation took 9.73 billion bets, the total amount of which was 1.447,420 BTC.


The average amount of bets was 0.00014876 BTC, investors did not stay in the losers, the income of which for this time amounted to just over 5000 BTC.


Based on these data, the resource also calculated that 309 bets were made every second in the last year, and the average rate per minute was 2.75 BTC.


The maximum amount of rates for the reporting period was fixed on January 17, 2017 - 9,584 BTC, the minimum - on February 22 (only 556 BTC), when the network recorded a record number of unconfirmed transactions. Probably, this is the reason for such a small amount.


The average income of investors for the past year was 0.574 BTC, but if you look at the chart of its growth, the growing trend looks impressive enough.


Perhaps, in terms of popular financial currencies, the mentioned amounts are not so great, especially if we compare them with the indicators of traditional casinos, but they fully demonstrate that bitcoin has won its place in gambling quite firmly. One of the main advantages of crypto currency is that, unlike credit cards and other traditional payment methods, it is almost ideal for microstacks.


To date, crypto-currency gambling is a global market with a capitalization of about $ 30 billion and an average annual growth rate of around 10%. At the same time, the number of such casinos has long exceeded a hundred.


Together with their number, the number of bets also increases. For example, not so long ago on the site of Crypto-Games the number of bets made exceeded one billion, and hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world have become permanent players of the platform.