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March in Forex: The Fed is ruled by the ball

A statement by the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley, that the Fed does not have to wait until the White House announces the details of the tax reform, has inflated the yield of Treasury bonds to its highest level since December and restored the faith of investors in the US dollar.

How to predict the exchange rate on Forex

Forecast the currency market movements as important as ordinary people Forecast - therefore many large financial companies employ analysts who are able to make the direction of the exchange rate and to predict it. The so-called "currency forecast" needed by all - and large sharks business, and beginners.

Forex market in Russia and in the world

 The international currency market Forex was created in the late 70-ies of the last century after the United States refusal to comply Breston Woods agreements. Unlike the stock market, Forex was created not for speculative trading, and to carry out currency exchange transactions by major financial institutions.

A very large percentage of newcomers, or as they are called forex kettles, which for some reason were in the international currency market, immediately try to make a lot of money having Cormany mizirnuyu amount of cash. And with all this, they did not even versed in this type of activity. As a result, the result of their trading activity (which is even hard to call this activity per se) rather sad - they just poured kettles wasted your money and earning nothing and start shouting at each corner - that forex is a scam and divorce. But it is important to understand how Forex works and where does the profit as a consequence of which it remains only to determine the commercial strategy and the work in this direction.


EUR USD, "Euro dollar"



Forex Indicators - an effective rate forecasting tool, which is calculated by performing mathematical operations with the prices and volume. Top Forex indicators allow you to choose the right moment to open and close positions.

Use free forex indicators can be due to the fact that they in large numbers are already built in MetaTrader terminal. All built-in indicators are divided into five groups:

Mike Moran, Head of Economic Research Standard Chartered says that the Fed could cut rates before the end of the year.