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March in Forex: The Fed is ruled by the ball

A statement by the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley, that the Fed does not have to wait until the White House announces the details of the tax reform, has inflated the yield of Treasury bonds to its highest level since December and restored the faith of investors in the US dollar.

The essence of money as an economic category in evolutionary theory is to resolve contradictions between use value and value.

When the production of natural product meets the manufacturer's requirements, ie I had value as a use-value (the product's ability to satisfy some needs).


MICEX awaits tough clash with reality

Completion associated with the election of US President euphoria and a good chance of frustration about the agreement on the limitation of OPEC oil production will result in the Russian stock market against the background of a serious collapse of disappointing macroeconomic data.

Conduct business can and should WITHOUT RISK

Already in the first month of trading on the Internet, I earned a couple living wages, and this was very surprised. I thought it was so easy, and absolutely no risk. We often impose the idea that income must be paired with high risk, effort, pain from the constant losses and failures. But it is not so.

How to predict the exchange rate on Forex

Forecast the currency market movements as important as ordinary people Forecast - therefore many large financial companies employ analysts who are able to make the direction of the exchange rate and to predict it. The so-called "currency forecast" needed by all - and large sharks business, and beginners.

Money is almost always served not only the national economy but also economic relations between different countries,

trade between them and the movement of capital. There is a need for comparison of the value of money in different countries and in the definition of the measure of their exchange with each other. This function can be called money reversibility. Its importance has increased significantly over the past 100 years.

Forex market in Russia and in the world

 The international currency market Forex was created in the late 70-ies of the last century after the United States refusal to comply Breston Woods agreements. Unlike the stock market, Forex was created not for speculative trading, and to carry out currency exchange transactions by major financial institutions.

A very large percentage of newcomers, or as they are called forex kettles, which for some reason were in the international currency market, immediately try to make a lot of money having Cormany mizirnuyu amount of cash. And with all this, they did not even versed in this type of activity. As a result, the result of their trading activity (which is even hard to call this activity per se) rather sad - they just poured kettles wasted your money and earning nothing and start shouting at each corner - that forex is a scam and divorce. But it is important to understand how Forex works and where does the profit as a consequence of which it remains only to determine the commercial strategy and the work in this direction.